The training programs at ER Fitness Inc. are designed to meet every athletes needs from the beginner to the more advanced college player.  Our goal is to improve each kid’s sports performance and do it in environment where they train hard and have fun doing it.

All dates and times are on the calendar on the home page.

  • Youth Sports Training Program - Our Youth Sports Training Program is for junior high and high school athletes.  The training focuses on coordination, strength and conditioning.  The group is made up of 16-20 kids with training designed to increase strength, cover speed and jump mechanics and improve overall athletic performance.  Training consists of twelve sessions per month. 
  • Premium Training Program - As our athletes enter high school we offer them the opportunity to train at a much higher level.  Our Premium Training Program gives each athlete an individualized written program based on a joint by joint assessment, an injury report, a strength assessment and the sport played.  Coaching is more intense and the training program is written for three times a week with the option to train more than what is scheduled.

  • Speed Clinics - Speed is the number one bio motor skill that every athlete desires.  However many people still believe that youngsters are either born with it or they are not.  While it is true that some young athletes are gifted in this area the fact is every kid can dramatically improve this skill.  Our 90 minute speed clinics teach linear and multi directional acceleration and deceleration techniques that will lower times and dramatically improve their play in the sports they love. 

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