Are champions just the winners on the scoreboard?  At ER Fitness Inc. champions are defined as those who give their best at everything they do in order to discover and succeed at their God given talents.  Sports and athletic training are used to teach lessons that your children can carryover into real life such as discipline, hard work, and fair play just to name a few.
    Every training session, every camp, every clinic, begins and ends with a firm handshake.  Your young athletes will be taught to respect those around them and themselves.  Our goal will be to make small improvements that over time will lead to big gains that ultimately will produce great success.
    Today in the youth fitness industry the term "kids are not miniature adults" is used quite frequently and with good reason.  You can not train a child like an adult.  In fact because a lot of coaches have not been able to grasp this truth we have record overuse injuries across the country that could and should be prevented.
    More and more children are being asked to commit to a sport twelve months out of the year thinking that will produce the best player in their respective sport.  The best way to produce great athletes is to have a broad foundation of movement skills developed by playing a number of different sports and addressing specific bio-motor needs at the appropriate time.  Hit those needs and you will optimize your child's athletic potential.  Miss them and they will never be the athlete they could have been.
    Just like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link so to the body is only as strong as its weakest link.  Great training programs are designed to specifically address each individuals weaknesses and correct them.  At ER Fitness Inc. program design is based on that principle.  When that is the main focus your youngsters will be on their way to the best and fastest results that can be achieved.