Golf Training Program

ER Fitness Inc. presents Golf Strength & Power Group Training

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is to bring medical, strength and golf professionals together to work for you.  Our new Golf Strength & Power Group Training program will take care of the first two. 

Pros and amateurs alike have learned that adding strength, power, flexibility, balance and core stability training has a dramatic effect on one’s game. The stronger the body the greater the chance to not only drive the ball further but to play with less pain. 

All this can be accomplished by addressing both injuries inherent with the game and movement dysfunctions. Fix the injuries and you will increase your range of motion and improve your swing.  Correct those faulty movement patterns and the game will become easier and more fun. 

Here’s what you will receive:
  • Specific golf strength and power training for greater endurance and longer drives.
  • Movement Assessments that will uncover muscle weaknesses and injuries.
  • Dynamic stretches that will increase range of motion.
  • Proper Warm-Ups that will help prepare your body for every round you play.
Where: ER Fitness Inc.
When: 4 Weeks, 2Xs a week, we will work with you on days and times.

  • Enrico Roncancio, Owner ER Fitness Inc. Titleist Performance Certified Coach
Contact: 217-899-9347